Why Buy New Handbags? Upgrade an existing bag with new leather straps

Published: 18th July 2010
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Unique purses from your own designs

You know that buying and organizing a new purse can make you feel as though you have a whole new lease on life. Finding just the right handbag feels almost as good as falling in love, and the relationship lasts longer than most romances. A truly excellent purse can last a decade. But really good purses are expensive, and only celebrities can afford the best of the best.

Why not take a page from our grandmothers' guides to style and thrift? Why not design and craft your own purse, saying you found it at a "unique designer boutique"?

Anyone can update a handbag

You may not go from zero to Gucci on the very first try, but you can easily alter the appearance of an existing handbag by simply changing the leather handbag straps. Of course, with practice, you can perform other updates and take progressively more ambitious steps in your handbag and pocketbook re-designs.

For example, start by adding a new leather pocketbook strap to one of your cute little clutch bags. Or, try replacing the broken strap on a favourite handbag with a new leather handbag strap from Cindy's Button Company. Go a step further and update an outdated handbag with new leather purse straps.

Handbag straps are a lot like lipsticks in that one little alteration can drastically change the overall appearance. Try a simple switch from pink to red lipstick and you have updated your look from work to party, from day to night, in just seconds. The same is true of handbag straps. One simple change of your purse strap can transform it from cute to elegant, from okay to excellent. Switching from a woven cloth purse strap to a genuine leather strap adds years to the life of your purse, and switching from a daisy to a button transforms your bag from "that thing you carried to college" to "that grown-up bag you take to work."

While you perfect your skills and refine your designs, you may craft a couple of simple tote bags from canvas or heavy cloth. Add stylish leather straps for style and durability, of course. Honestly, if you can hem a skirt or a pair of jeans, you can do all the stitches purse-making requires. Continuing your progress, you may complete a kit from your local crafts store or search for simple and ingenious designs on the internet.

Just like any other artist, musician, or writer, you carefully must study and analyze "the classics." When you shop, take time to examine how your favourite designers construct their purses. How do they set-in the interior compartments; how do they add the pockets and pouches? You quickly will discover that even the most sophisticated purses develop from relatively simple, easily imitated designs. It is not bio-chemistry or rocket science. You also may visit the thrift store, looking for a purse you can "de-construct" and use as the template for your own work. Borrow a trick from the boys: they take things apart simply for the sake of finding out how they work; why not do the same with a cleverly designed purse?

As you gain both inspiration and confidence, visit the fabric store for a big piece of faux leather-more workable than the real thing. Trace and execute your first design, and just keep going from there.

Re-condition your existing handbag or replace a broken purse strap with a new leather strap available from Cindy's Button Company. Visit www.cindysbuttoncompany.com for details and leather strap options.

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